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April 24, 2017

Kid Things


As we head into summer wedding season, many parents are planning out what their little ones will wear, sending in RSVP’s, and organizing family travel schedules. Weddings are usually amazing experiences for the bride and groom and all the guests.

But sometimes, keeping the kiddos comfortable and happy throughout the ceremony and reception be stressful. Here are the three most useful things you can do to get your little one ready for the big day!

1. Ask about any kid activities or accommodations before the big day

Kid Things

Many brides and grooms now plan for the little ones at their weddings. Some have play areas set up in advance. A few couples even decided to provide childcare so the adults could enjoy the ceremony without distraction while the kids were well taken care of! At the very least, make sure to know where the bathrooms are, and if there are any diaper changing tables available.

2. Pack Activities For Your Kids To Keep Busy

Kid Things
Everyone knows that children have a short attention span. So come prepared with a little activity pack for each child with the (quiet) toys and activities they like. For a wedding themed activity, pack some stickers and stock paper so they can make a beautiful card for the bride and groom.

3.  Dress the kids comfortably and in Style


We have all seen that super cute kid on the dance floor at a wedding! They love being twirled and swung around by adults. They love pretending to be airplanes, weaving in and out of the lines of wedding guests. To make sure they are comfortable, dress them in breathable layers so they can take off a sweater when they heat up, or put on a layer when it gets chilly at night.

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