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November 07, 2017 3 Comments


The Story of Super (Busy) Mom

Kid Things is now thoroughly convinced that Wonder Woman lives in Swedesboro, New Jersey. While we can barely keep our active kids out of our hair to get blog posts done, Qadriyyah Thompson is wrangling her own two boys, a baby girl AND working overnights as a pediatric nurse. The definition of a super busy mom, her day starts making sure her kids have dinner and are ready to head off to bed, then she goes to work and comes back in the morning in time to wake the kids up and send them to school. Through all this, she manages to radiate a genuine sense of warmth with a ready smile and an obvious joy at watching her kids grow. It’s impossible not to like her immediately, maybe even worship her a little. We’re sure some of her days are plenty crazy, but we can’t think of a mom alive who wouldn’t like to tap into a little of her positivity and confidence.

Too busy NOT to be our #1 fan

Kid Things paid Qadriyyah a visit last week for two reasons. One, we just had to meet this lovely super mom in person. And two, Qadriyyah is to date our most enthusiastic customer returning again and again to make purchases for her family. Anyone can imagine why the time saver of a free personal shopper would be an appealing concept to a busy mom like her, but we were curious: What in particular is it about Kid Things that makes her such a big fan?

None of the kids clothes shopping hassle...but all of the style

Qadriyyah saw lots to love about Kid Things. She was thrilled that she was able to get her daughter a full fall/winter wardrobe without

  1. Going to any store
  2. Or waiting in any lines
  3. Or having to pick through lots of options

The biggest bonus? Kid Things styled outfits for her. No more running around trying to find the right pants for a top or shoes and other accessories to match a dress. Kid Things does all of that footwork and the adorable, coordinated outfits show up right at her door. She gets this personal styling for free and can purchase with the confidence of knowing she’s paying the same great prices she’d find at the store and receives free and easy shipping and returns.

Kid Things = “It’s the best thing ever!”

“It’s like going to the store, but you don’t have to go to the store! And they put the outfits together for you!” With her loyalty and enthusiasm, Qadriyyah has inspired her other busy mom friends to give Kid Things a try. “You will love it!” she says.

Well, here’s to you, Qadriyyah. We just love you too. #bestcustomerever

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