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August 24, 2017

The summer season is a break away from school but often comes with the extra pressure to find activities for the kids to do with their newly available schedules. Screens have become the default activity, but instead of getting sucked into digital programming and social media, try some of these exciting activities at home and around your community. With minimal planning and budget required, you can fill the summer months with enough fun that you’ll never need to hear, “I’m bored!”

1. Get in water

There’s really only one remedy for the sticky, hot days of summer. Water play! You don’t even need to live near an ocean or lake to enjoy summer splashing. With a little creativity, there are endless ways to get wet and stay cool. Water parks are an obvious choice, but tickets can be expensive and it’s often a full-day commitment. Instead, try some of these innovative ideas suggested by our favorite bloggers!

Make Mini Water Blobs by HelloWonderful:

Photo by Agnes Hu & HelloWonderful

Make a Sprinkler Shower by Lindsay & Andrew:  Yes, this one requires some shopping and set-up, but once you’ve made the sprinkler shower, you can use it again and again. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, couple it with a slip ‘n slide for double the fun!

Photo by Lindsay & Andrew

Or try… A Glow in the Dark Bath as demonstrated on RedTricycle!

2. Visit the farmer’s market

This activity combines weekly errands with a fun, outdoor activity. Next time you need fresh produce, there’s no better place to go that your local farmer’s market. Be sure to talk with your farmers, take turns describing the colors and smells of each item you discover, and guess the names of the produce available at each stand. Older kids can do a photo hunt or drawing activity. Simply have them visit each stand and take a photo or sketch something they find interesting or unique. When you get home, add each image to a scrapbook or make a collage so your kids can remember their special day at the farmer’s market. As an added bonus, children who are introduced to fruits and vegetables in a fun and casual setting will be more likely to actually eat those veggies too.

  • 3. Sleep outside
  • Even if you don’t have time (or patience for bugs) to go camping, you can still recreate the star-studded experience of sleeping outside. Do you have a trampoline? Pile blankets and pillows on-top and watch the sky as long as you can keep your eyes open. No trampoline? That’s ok! Air mattresses fit on most patios, in backyards, and yes, even some rooftops!! Just make sure you have plenty of blankets, and dress warmly to accommodate cooler evening temperatures.

    DIY Canvas Tent Tutorial by A Merry Thought

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