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May 08, 2017

Shopping for kids clothes can be daunting. They outgrow their sizes so quickly, seasons change, and it’s tough to find quality clothes for reasonable prices. Enter, the resale children’s apparel market! We’ve put together the three top reasons to shop resale.




If you care about the environment, shopping resale is for you! By shopping clothes that have been “pre-loved,” you are avoiding filling up landfills with these items. You are also able to make a statement with your kids’ clothing budget, by not contributing to the modern fast fashion craze. Even if you only purchase a portion of your child’s closet from the resale marketplace, you are still making a difference!


Designer Clothes, Low Prices

Love designer brands, and stylist looks on your little ones? Scared off by the high price tags? Resale clothes might be the perfect option for you! Check out these options from one of our partner sites, My Kids Threads. 




High Quality

Most fast fashion brands are so busy producing for the mass market, that quality can suffer. In the resale market for designer brands, you can find quality craftmanship, better fabrics, and softer materials to put on your kids. Shopping in the resale market can also be a way of finding unique high quality pieces for your little one that no one else is wearing! Here are some more looks from My Kids Threads.



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