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June 16, 2017

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity for a family photo-op, but it’s not always easy to figure out how to dress your child when the day may revolve around family gatherings, restaurant reservations and outdoor activities.

The 5 tips below are stylist recommended and photographer approved so you can capture your most beautiful family memories, in style, on Father’s Day.

These tips aren’t just for the kids either, they apply to Dad’s outfit too!

5. Consider the Location

The Quick Guide To Dressing Your Child For Perfect Father's Day Photos

If your Father’s Day celebration will be held at home, choose comfortable, casual looks that invoke a sense of hygge (a Danish word meaning warmth, love and a sense of cozy).  If you are celebrating in the great outdoors reach for a well-tailored, fitted version of your favorite sportswear and avoid green outfits.

They’ll blend too much into the greenery of outdoor backdrops. Reds, blues and oranges are wonderful choices instead. If you’ll be celebrating at brunch or a dinner out, take the opportunity to get a little formal with button down skirts, trousers, dresses, skirts and sweaters.

4. Look for Clothes with Movement

The Quick Guide To Dressing Your Child For Perfect Father's Day Photos

Children are always on the move, and great pictures capture their boundless energy. Choosing flowy, stretchy fabrics will highlight movement bringing life to each picture.

Twirly skirts are the obvious choice, but dresses, sweaters and jackets can also bring some energy to your shots. When is comes to choosing fabrics, avoid stiff polyester that looks stiff and poor quality. We recommend opting for cotton, rayon and linen.

3. Use Patterns & Bright Colors Sparingly

The Quick Guide To Dressing Your Child For Perfect Father's Day Photos

Patterns are fun, but they can overwhelm an image and look ‘buzzy’ on camera. Keep the camera focused on the faces of your loved ones, not their clothing, by choosing subtle patterns or layering solid cardigans or sweaters over top of patterned pieces.

Fluorescent and neon colors should generally be avoided as well because they are unflattering on most skin tones and are very distracting.

2. Add Accessories

The Quick Guide To Dressing Your Child For Perfect Father's Day Photos

Hats, ties, suspenders, and pretty hair accessories look great on kids, and add an extra style element to pictures. If you opt for hats, just make sure they have short brims and rest on the top of the head to prevent them from blocking your child’s face or casting unwanted shadows.

Don’t dress your child in sneakers unless you’ll be outdoors and theirs are relatively clean. Flats and loafers look great while still allowing your child to comfortably roam freely.


1. Don’t Match. Coordinate.

The Quick Guide To Dressing Your Child For Perfect Father's Day Photos

If you take anything from this article, follow this tip. Instead of buying matching outfits, choose different outfits that feature coordinating colors and textures for a more lived in, natural look. Matching outfits can make your pictures look stiff and staged. When choosing colors, select outfits that live within the same color family.

For example, pair pastels with pastels, bold colors with bold colors, and so on. Opposites really do attract! Use the color wheel to choose complimentary colors by pairing opposite colors on the wheel. You can also pair different shades of the same color for a coordinating, but not matching, look.




Still not sure what to dress your children in, or too tight on time to plan a coordinated look? Reach out to Kid Things for a free styling session. We’ll help you find curated options that fit your budget and timeline.

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