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May 06, 2017

Whether you’re putting them on your registry, or shopping for swaddles yourself, it’s critical to keep these points in mind to get the best value and best experience for you and your baby!


1: Type of Swaddle

From muslin swaddles, to sleep sacks, the market has many swaddle styles to choose from. Every baby is different, so there’s a little trial-and-error required here, but we recommend starting simple, then working your way up to more complex designs if your baby easily wiggles free or you find velcro easier to manage for middle of the night diaper changes. We love these muslin swaddles available on the app HERE.


2: Fabric & Material

Along with design, it’s important to choose the right fabric. Live in a warmer climate? Reach for super soft cottons, or stretchy muslin. Fleece or double-lined cotton is a good choice for winter weather. Many brands offer organic fabrics made with natural dyes so you can be sure the fabric will be chemical-free and gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.


3: Size

Swaddles are available in a range of sizes. Your swaddle should be snug, but not tight. Too much fabric could come loose and tangle around your baby. On the other hand, if the swaddle is too tight, your baby will be cranky and uncomfortable. Start with a standard muslin wrap then move to a larger sleeping sack as your baby reaches the toddler stage. If your baby is on the smaller size, you can let our stylist know in your FREE consultation


4: Washability

Swaddles are a staple that you’ll be reaching for again and again, so you’ll want to make sure yours holds up to many washes. Avoid pieces that are “hand-wash only,” and reach for quality that will last through the length of your baby’s infancy (and maybe even a younger sibling or cousin too)!


5: Safety

Be careful about buying swaddles that are handmade or sold from uncertified sellers. Look for brands who have passed third-party tests that ensure all child-safety laws and recommendations are met. Beyond standard certifications, look for swaddles that protect your baby's hips and arm joints. Certain designs can put pressure on these areas causing distress. It’s also important that you make sure the fabric is breathable and doesn’t overheat. If your baby is sticky and sweaty when you unwrap him/her, the swaddle is likely too warm for your home’s temperature.


6: Price

Quality is better than quantity. Purchase a great swaddle once and it will last through toddlerhood without needing to be replaced. It can also be handed down to younger siblings, friends or cousins when your baby has outgrown it. Blanket designs are generally more affordable than sleeping bags or sleeping sacks, but as any new mom knows, sleep is priceless, so it’s a worthy investment to choose a swaddle that both you and your baby will love.


7: Design!

Here’s the fun part! Choose colors, prints or patterns that suit you and your baby’s personality and style. We love these designs by Masala Baby!

Still have questions? Connect with us HERE and talk to your FREE personal stylist!



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