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April 13, 2017

I became a mother unexpectedly. Learning that you’re going to become a mother – ready or not  – is one of the most exciting and daunting things you’ll ever hear.

As I scrambled to prepare for our baby’s arrival, I realized very quickly that having a baby today, is a totally different experience than having a baby in my parents’ generation. Not to mention, I grew up in India, so my framework for understanding all of the options available to parents, was vastly different.

There’s an overwhelming number of choices facing today’s parents. While I find that having so many options for everything from diapers, to clothes, to cribs, to strollers, to toys is great, I also find that it produces a lot of anxiety. How do I know what’s best for my baby?

For me, the traditional baby shopping experience was extremely frustrating. I remember going shopping for a stroller and some swaddles, and coming back dejected and empty-handed. Do I really want a swaddle or should I get a sleep sack instead? If my baby’s sweating at night, do I need lighter pajamas for him? Also, all the baby brands were unfamiliar to me – and there were so many brands to choose from!

In gearing up for motherhood, I relied heavily on advice from my mom friends. I would text them frequently for recommendations before making purchases. My mom friends help me put together a list of essentials for my baby shower.

By moms, for moms

This is where the idea for Kid Things was born.

To simplify the choices for moms like me, I created a concierge kid’s service that connects you to a personal shopper who can offer recommendations for all of your kid’s needs. I realized that what I wanted when it came to shopping for my baby, was professional service and expert advice – at my fingertips. Kid Things is starting out by providing stylists for kids’ clothes, but we have much bigger plans to cover everything parents need for their children!

Personalized styling recommendations

Once you give your stylist an idea of what you’re looking for (you can either connect your FB profile to show your stylist pics of your kid, or you can send pics to her directly through text), she’ll offer you personalized clothing recommendations for any occasion (swim shorts for a beach vacation, dresses for a wedding, or everyday outfits for school). And just like texting your friends, your stylist will always be on hand to answer any questions you might have about your child’s clothing needs. There’s no obligation to buy any of the choices we recommend. Payment is handled on our platform, and then you can just sit back and wait for your products to be delivered to your home!

Better curation over time

The more often you shop with us, the better we’ll be able to match you with styles you might like. We use the latest machine learning technology to improve our recommendations based on your purchase history and feedback.

High quality clothing

We’ve done A LOT of research into what constitutes high-quality kids’ clothing so you don’t have to! The brands we offer make high-end, high quality, sustainably-manufactured  – and often, organic – clothes. Our current brands include Appaman, Eland Kids, Masala Baby, Andy and Evan, Coccoli, TeelaNYC.

A feel-good shopping experience

When I founded Kid Things, I wanted to provide a way for our customers to contribute to an important cause that is close to all our hearts. As moms, the natural choice seemed to be early childhood education. Studies show that kids who have access to high quality care as early as 8 weeks do better in school, are healthier, and are much less likely to be involved in crime later in life. We are so happy to invest in this, and we thought you would be too!

So, for every $100 you spend, we will donate funds towards school supplies for Educare . Educare is an amazing non-profit that is considered the gold standard when it comes to kids’ education!

Save time for the important things

I started Kid Things with a vision of minimizing the number of tedious and overwhelming small decisions parents have to make everyday. I’ve experienced the tiresome research that takes place before new product purchases or shopping from a new brand. My hope is that, by making shopping for your kids simpler, you’ll be able to spend more quality time with them. After all, that’s the essence of parenting - spending time doing things that you enjoy and you’ll both remember, long after they outgrow the clothes you’re buying today.

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