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August 21, 2017

Are you dying for a beach vacation, but worried about the hot sun, UV-rays, bugs that bite, and seemingly impossible sand? Don’t stress this season. With the tips outlined below, and a little planning, you can experience all the best the beach has to offer, and leave the worry behind.

Sunscreen Early & Often

Put sunscreen on before you go outside. This keeps you from having to chase down sandy kids who are eager to start playing once you get to the beach, but it will also give the sunscreen ample time to absorb into the skin. When playing at the beach, make sure you apply waterproof sunscreen and reapply every hour or two, or when your child comes out of the water. This principle applies for bug spray too.

Go Early

When it’s a beautiful day and the kids have a day off school, the beach tends to get crowded, fast. Head out early to enjoy some of the cooler morning temperatures and claim your favorite spot on the sand. Kids generally have plenty of morning energy and the ocean is usually on the calmer side. Extra bonus?! You’ll be back home just in time for an afternoon nap. Even better? Follow our next tip below and take a mini-snooze in your very own sun shelter!

Gear up

Sun-protective swimwear can go a long way in making your time at the beach more enjoyable. By preventing heatstroke, sunburn, and body rashes caused by salty waves and scratchy sand, your child will be more comfortable at the beach, and when you get home. You may also want to consider bringing a beach umbrella or tent so your children have a place to rest and cool down in-between bursts of play. This is also doubles as a place for snacks and quick diaper changes.

girl at beach

Embrace the Sand

If you can’t fight it, join it. It’s nearly impossible to eliminate sand from creeping onto your blanket, into your tent or into your child’s bathing suit. Make sand into a fun activity instead of a dreaded enemy. Grab buckets, shovels, and seashells then hold a sandcastle building contest! Watch tiny sea creatures peek in-and-out of the sand as the waves hit the shore. Pack a sand proof bag (mesh is a great material). Simply give it a good shake and let all of the sand fall through the material back onto the beach instead of into your car. Oh, and one more handy tip… bring baby powder! Once your child has dried off, a little sprinkle of baby powder will loosen any remaining sticky sand.

Pack a Pool

Are your little ones really little? Provide a safer place for water play by packing an inflatable pool and letting the older kids fill it up with buckets of water gathered from the ocean. Place the pool near your tent or umbrella so you can keep a close eye (and a gentle hand) on toddlers and infants that need more supervision in the water.

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