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August 30, 2017

Kids are no strangers to the internet these days, so luckily there is content available that can educate and inspire them. Next time you’re allowing screen time, try to make it a more enriching. We were thrilled to discover several kid-friendly TED Talks! TED is an organization that promotes “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Here at KidThings, we believe kids have ideas worth spreading too! Read on for our top 5 favorite picks from the TED website. Most of these videos are between 4 minutes and 20 minutes, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be stuck online for hours.

Explore the Ocean with David Gallo

The ocean is a naturally fascinating topic that most children will happily dive into. Although there are many cartoon movies that feature ocean life, nothing goes more in depth than this TED Talk that will take you on an underwater journey with some of the sea’s most fascinating creatures that include a camouflaged octopus and color-shifting cuttlefish!

Dance with the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

Have you ever noticed that kids just can’t help but dance when some music is playing, even when that music is all just in their heads? Watch this super inspiring dance video that features the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. Yes, they are truly extraordinary. Talk to your kids about how dance is a physical form of expression, and notice how all parts of the body are in play (yes, there is even a sequence just featuring fingers!).

Inspiring Kids to Bring Their Big Ideas to Life

Teaching kids that their voice and ideas matter is one of the biggest gifts you can give them. Confidence and empowerment is a critical life skill, and what example of acting on big ideas could be better than… other kids!? This TED Talk features kid inventors, activists and lots of exciting ideas. Inspire your little ones to create something of their own, then put it into action. Who knows? Maybe your children will land a TED Talk of their own!

Stand Up to Bullying

Unfortunately, most children (and adults) will encounter bullying, but with the tools and tips discussed in this TED Talk, they’ll know exactly how to handle it. Watching this video together also creates an opportunity to examine and explore the topic together. You can use this video as a conversation starter to connect with your child’s experience and learn about how much they know about bullying and if they have ideas on what to do about it.

Discover What Dogs Think Through Poetry

Do you have a pet at home? Have you ever wondered what they might be thinking? At just over four minutes of playtime, this TED Talk gives you a hilarious peek into the mind of a dog as poet Billy Collins sees it. Let this talk inspire your children to write their own poems, inspired by your pets at home. Don’t have a pet of your own? Go visit a friends, a petting zoo, or even the vet’s office or local shelter.

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