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May 01, 2017

Planning a summer vacation with the kiddos in tow? Traveling with little ones can be stressful enough, but keeping up with airline and federal ID requirements can add even more anxiety. Here at Kid Things, we are all about helping you prepare for your summer travels.

Here are the most common questions from our readers, and our researched answers!

What Identification Do I Need For My Baby When Flying within the US?

Even though you may not be asked for ID, it’s always best to bring along a copy of a birth certificate for your child on domestic flights. Don’t have the actual document? A picture of the birth certificate on your phone suffices in most cases. Often, airlines will ask for proof of age when parents fly with a lap child under two years old. Of course, adults need government issued photo identification to fly within the United States.

What Identification Do I need for My Baby When Flying Outside the US?


If you are traveling outside the United States with your child, you absolutely need a passport for your little one. If you are planning ahead by about 8 weeks, you don’t can use the Department of State passport service . There are expedited service available for a fee (do a google search to find one in your area), including 24 hour service at select geographic locations. Note that acquiring a passport for a child under 16 always involves an in person appointment.




What is a Statement of Consent, and Do I Need It?

A statement of consent is a written document that gives the consent of an absent parent for their child’s travel. It is required in situations where both parents are not available to consent to the travel of the child.

When applying for a passport, the absent parent is required to fill out Form DS-3053 to allow the issuance of the passport.

When traveling within the US without both parents, it’s always best to have a written document from the absent parent expressing consent for the child’s travel (along with the birth certificate, of course!).

When traveling outside the US without both parents, it is advised to have a letter of consent like this sample from the Department of State . Be sure to get this done ahead of time, as the form has spots for witnesses. Due to a surge in child trafficking, immigration rules around letters of consent are becoming more rigorous.

So these are the basic documents your kids need for your fabulous summer vacation! Need help planning what they’ll wear, and what else they’ll need? Let our FREE service shop for you! Sign up here!

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